The biking tours are very unique tour in Nepal. For over three decades, trekking has been dominating the adventure tourism of Nepal. But, now we realize that there is more to it. There is just more to walking in extreme. There is more to everything, because now we have biking tours.

Biking is a great adventurous touring activity. It is one tool that allows people to move fast but without missing any sceneries and views. It is a nice tool to go on a touring activity. Not only it is faster than ordinary foot walks, it is adventurous in majority of the aspects. The thought of paddling though beautiful places, showing off our skills among friends and concentrating to enjoy to the fullest is enough to give us goose bumps.

The best way to define these mountain biking tours is awesomeness. These tours are so much convenient way to travel in Nepal. Going for challenging uphill climbs, long downhill fast tracks and all the sceneries to devour along the way, these tours are just simply awesome.

Mountain biking is not just some kind of cycling. It is far more better and diversified than that. For example, while cycling gives you numerous health benefits, one should never ignore the fact that mountain biking pushes it to another level. The muscles get stronger, and they certainly get shaped. Stamina will increase, blood flow will regulate better and apparently it turns out that it also helps to reduce stress. Another example is how the mountain biking engages with the bikers via gears and bike structure and everything else.

Now, there is no doubt that mountain biking is fun. That is why we must continue to one of the most ideal and adventurous holiday packages. Do not miss this wonderful opportunity and come to Nepal to experience adventure.