This cultural tour gives the tourists a taste of Nepalese hospitality, culture and tradition. From the eastern part of Nepal to the western part, the culture is totally different. Sacred pilgrimages are carried out in historical and culturally important sites. Moreover, our experienced guide will tell you more about the culture of Nepal when you get here.

Nepal is one of the best countries for adventurous tourism. So many trekkers, climbers and tourists come to Nepal in search of a quest-like journey which they will cherish for the rest of their lives. However the country’s ability to please a tourist in many different areas is not limited these areas only. Nepal is also rightfully known as a country of culture. There are many cultural and religious heritages that many pilgrims regard as sacred.

The religions that are followed in Nepal are mostly Hinduism and Buddhism, but many people follow Christianity too. Nepal has always been a country of religious tolerance. Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-linguistic and multi-cultural a country of great diversity. These ethnicities have done great work to preserve their culture and it is really appreciable. For example, Newari community has their own language, dress-up and tradition which is very much different from the Tamang community. Noble Treks helps the tourists to study those cultures and at the same time get to know about their culture.

At one hand there are Buddhist monasteries that reflect majority of their history and the architecture. On the other hand thereare Hindu Tremples built in Pagoda, Shikhar style and many more. These religiously influenced architrectures show a great of the culture of the people that follow them.

For cultural tours, we have Kathmandu Valley that has many sites that are listed in the INESCO Heritage List. Pashupatinath Temple, 3 durbar squares of the valley, Changunarayan Temple, Swoyambhunath and Boudhanath are included in them. These sites are extremely delightful to visit as we swim in the Nepalese culture.

There is Lumbini, one of the 10 sites listed in the UNESCO world Heritage sites, which is the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha. This place is also culturally rich place as many monasteries are built around the site. The area as a whole includes many statues, monasteries and colorful places that makes this place so culturally vibrant. The major attraction ofthis place is the Mayadevi Temple which is the actal birthplace of Lord gautam Buddha.

Pokhara and Palpa are also culturally important places for the cultural tours.